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Ts and Cs

Transhipping v


I prefer PayPal payments. It is very quick to set an account up easy to use. My PayPal address is info@theflying-fish.co.uk
I require payment in advance, before the shipment is due to leave Thailand. It is best if you send me the payment as soon as you have bought the fish. Make sure you include the address to which you would like the fish sent to, the number of fish and a short description. The payment must be sent as a Personal Payment Owed otherwise a fee will be levied and I won’t have enough to pay the customs agent.


This is not a problem I anticipate, however, it would be bad planning on my behalf to not set out terms and conditions for payments.
As said previously, I would like all payments to be received BEFORE the shipment arrives. Whether the fish is alive or dead, that cost doesn’t change. However, if your fish is DOA and you sent me P&P money, I will refund that immediately.
If I receive fish that have not been paid for and I don’t receive payment before the Wednesday, you can expect additional boarding costs as I will not send out fish that have not been paid for.
If I receive no payment and no communication within 7 days of the fish landing in the UK (ie. the following Wednesday), the fish will be written off as abandoned and will be sold to recover the importing costs.


If your arrives to me dead, I will take a photo and email it to you. It is then your responsability to contact your seller. Please make sure you are familiar with your seller's DOA policy.

Home Collection

If you would like to come and pick your fish up from my house, you are more than welcome to. This means you save on shipping costs. Ensure you bring boxes, heatpacks and whatever else you might need to transport them home. I will have some you can buy, if you forget yours.
If you say you would like to pick-up, we will organise a time. Please stick to it as much as possible as I have other responsibilities.


I will ONLY ship for next day delivery. This is the least stressful for the fish and has the highest the highest survival rate. To date, I have never had a death *touch wood*. HOWEVER, travelling is EXTREMELY stressful for the fish, so you should always expect the worse, but hope for the best.
Some of the things to expect:

   Damaged fins. Occasionally, a fish will take its stress out on itself and bite its fins. This is generally only in longfinned male bettas. This doesn’t happen often, but it DOES happen.
   Loose scales. Your fish may have been bumped around a bit and a scale or two may come loose.
   Pale colour. Stress = paleness. Your fish should colour up again once settled in its new home.
   DOA. Contact your seller. It is your responsibility to know what your seller’s DOA policy and to contact him/her.

Shipping will be Thursday for delivery Friday. I no longer offer boarding. It is your responsibility to ensure someone will be in to sign for the fish. I can ship to any address if you would rather receive it at work or elsewhere.


Fish are double bagged by the sellers. I put mandatory heatpacks in the boxes in Winter. In Summer, I leave the option to your discretion.

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