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Please find the correct fee in the table below.

All prices are per fish and based on the fishs' size measured from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. I would ask you to check that that is how the fish has been measured. If the fish arrives and is found to be bigger, you may incur additional costs.


Fish Size

















This covers the customs, tax, airline handling, Border Inspection, DEFRA charges, half a day's wages my OH and I lose and the diesel to and from the airport.

I offer a 50p discount per fish for 5 or more fish.

The Import Fee is, ultimately, determined by the number of fish in the shipment. If you would like to receive a large number of fish, please email me first.

Picking Your Fish Up

I can only offer a pick-up service for flowerhorns. Please ensure you bring appropriate transportation for it. If we need to supply you with anything, you will be charged accordingly.
If you would like to arrange your own courrier, at your own risk, we are more than happy to prepare and box the fish ready.

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