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1) Do I need to tell the seller where to send the fish?
You don't need to, but it is always best. I have had one instance where the seller accidentally sent the fish to the States. If you would like me to contact the seller to confirm they will be sending the fish, I am happy to do so.

2) Why are the fish sent in such small bags?
Unfortunately, no matter the species of fish, they will always arrive in little water compared to what they need to thrive full time. If you were to buy a sturgeon, for example, experts say to only ensure the gills are covered by water, not even the whole fish. Flowerhorns can't even turn in the bags they arrive in; nose and tail touch the sides. Thankfully, your bettas arrive in relative luxury compared to how they're shipped to other people, where they arrive in tiny, twisted, triangular bags.
Being stuck in a relatively small space, with no extra air exchange with the outside, oxygen is of the utmost importance. You can look at the DEFRA guidelines for importing and exporting fish. You'll find that the vast majority of sellers do the 1/3 water and 2/3 air in their bags. There has been the odd seller who puts less water in, but that has been in a minority of cases and bears no correlation to whether the fish will chew his fins or not. Certainly it doesn't happen much, considering the number of bettas that come in. On my website, I state perhaps 5% of bettas will. I think the number is actually below that from experience.
If the betta is exposed when the bag is turned on it's side, I'd complain to the seller. You can send me a photo of the exposed fish and the name of the seller and I can get onto them for you.

3) Do you send the fish straight out?
Yes, I do. I used to hold fish for a couple of days to rest them and feed them high protein foods before they were reshipped. Sellers seem to be happier for me to send the fish straight out and are much better at keeping to DOA agreements. There is also no chance of getting told I sent the wrong fish to someone as you can see the bags are clearly labelled with your name.

4) Are there other fees on top of the $4 per fish?
Yes, please check the Costs page under 'Transhipping' in the menubar at the top.
The $4 per fish is what pays for the freight. It gets sent to my exporter who pays for the freight with it. On my end, I have a whole separate plethora of costs to pay to get the fish past the border.

5) Do I need to pay you and the seller at the same time?
The seller will want paying upon completion of purchase. Although, if you think you'll buy more than one from the seller, you can ask to pay later once you've seen what else he/she has for sale.You can pay me once you've finished buying all your fish. It's easier for me to keep track that way, rather than receiving payments for each individual fish.6) When is your next shipment date?Please check the 'Shipment Dates' page under 'Transhipping' in the menubar at the top.If you would like to be added to the newsletter that goes out before each shipment, please send an email with your request to info@thelfying-fish.co.uk.

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