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We are not a big importing company like you might think. We are a couple of fish-enthusiasts wtih a penchant for betta splendens and planted biotopes. We both have full-time jobs and fish-keeping is one of our hobbies.

I currently have the one 350L tropical tank that is working its way towards an Amazonian whitewater biotope. I still have a feww stragglers left from my previous community that are from South-East Asia.

I was the instigator of our betta-keeping. I had always had a royal blue VT in any community tank over the years. One day, I accidentally came across the wonderful bettas of Thailand and was lost in their beauty.

I avidly read everything I could find about these gorgeous creatures. The result was they are fragile, but my community tank was using their ideal stats. I informed my other half of 'our' new project and we 'discussed' how we would keep them. I had read that they do better in tanks of 12" deep, so I had to find a long shallow tank, as opposed to shorter and deeper. That was probably the hardest task! In the end, I found this old, run-down tank, that was so grotty and horrible I almost abandoned the idea. With lots of determination and perspiration, we ripped it apart, cleaned it, fixed it, resiliconed it, divided it and got extra insurance out before filling it up!

I had the tank, the water, the background information, I was just missing the fish. I looked and looked and looked and hunted and looked some more and scoured the internet for people selling some. Nothing. Niet. Nadah. I found empty websites, broken links, dead emails and finished breeders.

I looked into importing from Thailand. It seemed like a lot of hassle just for a hobby, but that's what hobbies are, isn't it? A bottomless pit for money. I did my first shipment in 2010. It went well, albeit at a massive loss to me as I hadn't factored in all the costs. Lesson learnt!

I don't want anyone to find themselves in the same situation. There is a wealth of stunning fish over in Thailand and I think it's time the UK upped their standards a bit! I want everyone to have access to those fish and by having everyone working together, we can bring some over without it costing the moon.

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